References from students

Patrick always responds to my musical requests in an individual way, he knows where the gaps in my playing are and provides me with the appropriate material to address them. My bass playing has improved manifold over the last few years.
Johannes Fritz
I've been taking lessons with Patrick for four years and in that time I've made the leap from the living room to the stage. My bass lesson is the highlight of the week for me. Again and again new worlds open up on the instrument and Patrick's way of playing bass gives me a lot of joy and spurs me on to continue learning.
Oliver Knappl
I met Patrick at one of his gigs.

I immediately liked his exciting and multi-faceted bass playing. His impressive education and international experience finally convinced me to take lessons with him.

As a beginner at a mature age, I really like that Patrick allows a slightly different approach to learning the bass and is very flexible. He answers every question competently, immediately shows examples and gives further suggestions and tips. Not only about the actual playing, but also about the broader picture, such as transcribing and practicing with the help of computers and mobile devices, music theory, instrumentation, choice of equipment and much more.

A real professional and a nice guy too… Highly recommended.  
Reinhard M.
I always enjoy coming to Patrick's bass lessons.

When I was younger, I took classical music lessons for a long time; at some point it was all too tightly structured for me. With Patrick, I don't lose the enjoyment of learning to play, because I can choose for myself which pieces of music, genres, playing techniques interest me at the moment and which aspects of my playing still need to be developed.

He always explains the concepts in a clear way and knows how to bridge the gap between the current song and music theory. I find that particularly helpful, because it always gives me a very direct approach to the theory.

I've only been taking lessons with Patrick for a year but I'm already playing live gigs with a band. He has always supported me in finding a band, negotiating the audition process, giving advice for rehearsals and live gigs.

That helped me a lot and gave me the necessary confidence. Without the support and the many encouraging words from Patrick, I would never have dared to make music with others so quickly as a beginner.
Marie Weber
Patrick customises his bass lessons according to the level and preferences of his students and has a suitable exercise for every subject.

I can recommend Patrick to anyone who wants to start playing the bass because he introduces a wide array of topics in his lessons and makes sure - for me as a beginner - that there is always a balance between theory and learning new songs.
Barbara P.
I enjoyed eight years of bass lessons with Mr. Zambonin.

My playing has improved so much that I now have a lot more gigs and bands than I used to.
Francesco F.