Frequently asked questions

I have been an active professional musician for over 25 years, have a lot of national and international stage experience, played over 2000 gigs and perform live every week. So I am fully immersed in music and have therefore gained a lot of experience and knowledge which I love to share with my students.

I teach all bass enthusiasts, young and old … from beginners to advanced and anyone who wants to develop musically.

The lessons take place at my premises in the 20th district, a 2min-walk from the subway station Friedensbrücke (U4).

I usually teach Monday through Thursday, between 3 and 8 p.m. However, I am quite flexible and can offer other dates if needed, including mornings.

First I assess the student’s needs and goals. 
In the first half of the lesson I teach technical aspects (exercises, scales) so that in the second half we can fully dedicate ourselves to playing actual songs, i.e. learning pieces, playing bass lines, working out grooves!

Since the number of students changes frequently I can only provide information on this by phone or email.

Yes, as long as the cancellation deadline of 24 hours is met. This means that if the cancellation is made too late the lesson must be paid for. I ask for your understanding – short notice cancellations result in a financial loss for me because I cannot organize another student for the cancelled lesson in such a short time. For comparison: at music schools or adult education centers you have to pay the whole semester in advance, no matter if you show up or not. I think my solution is a lot fairer.

Yes, the trial lesson is free of charge!

Most students attend a lesson once a week, which produces the best results. Some take only fortnightly lessons, which is ok for most students who have a bit more experience. However, this is ultimately the decision of the student!

Payment is made in the first lesson directly in cash (or bank transfer in advance). Since I have had bad experiences with payment for individual lessons, it is always necessary to pay for  at least 4 lessons in advance (except of course for the first trial lesson). See also point ‘Can I cancel appointments?’.

Of course. In addition, we can also use the material provided by myself.

Of course. We can also make appointments for Zoom
or Skype sessions. I will be happy to provide information about the technical requirements in a preliminary meeting.

Yes, I do. I’ve taught in Music Schools in London for many years, so I have lots of experience teaching in English.

No. I use tablature on request to notate examples. However, learning to read music is of course a possible option.

Of course! You are welcome to use one of my basses for the lesson (I have a large selection of instruments).

Yes, it is possible to customize lessons to focus on  preparing for exams to music conservatories.

Yes, definitely! In fact, I think it’s very important that each student learns songs and bass lines that they have a personal connection to. But there’s also many songs in different styles that I can recommend.

Complete sets consisting of electric bass, practice amp and accessories are available from about €200. However, not every bass is suitable for every style of music. I am also happy to offer advice before you buy. There is, for example, the possibility to first try out some of my various electric basses.

Yes, I teach 4- and 5-string and fretless basses.

Only your own bass. Everything else is provided by me – amplifier, cables, computer etc.

The lessons can be recorded or filmed on request, so that you can follow along at home. If you can’t take your own bass with you it is of course possible to play with one of my basses. I have various 4 and 5 string instruments to choose from.