Online Bass Lessons

With the onset of the Covid crisis I started to offer additional bass lessons online. Both myself and my students were positively surprised at how well this actually worked.

For an optimized sound I play my bass through an audio interface and use two webcams that I can switch back and forth between as required – one camera for the wide shot and one for close-ups of the fingerboard (see pictures).

Out of the many communication tools that are now available Zoom has proved to be the most suitable for music lessons. It’s stable, provides good image quality and there’s no need to open a separate account. It also allows you to optimize the sound for musical instruments and record videos of your lessons directly.

Here is a tutorial on Zoom sound optimization for musical instruments.

On request we can of course also use other tools such as Skype or Whereby.

Additional tips for online tools and music apps

A program I use myself regularly for practicing, transcribing and teaching. Slow down tempo, change pitch, set loops for practice etc. For Mac and Windows.

Google Drive
Save sheet music, work materials, recordings and files in the cloud storage. Allows sharing and collaboration.
15 gigabytes of free storage for free.

Allows you to send data bundles if the file is too large for an e-mail. The usage is possible without registration and optionally shareable via email or link.

Free notation software – write sheet music, create leadsheets.

Blank Sheet Music
Free sheet music to print, for all instruments, including TABS.

Free app for Android and iOS. Includes both a tuner and a metronome.